On foot, by canoe...the possibilities are almost endless

A team event on water with a lot of fun: the teams solve different tasks and take pictures during their paddle tour. In this treasure hunt there will be three to four people in one canoe. Some tasks will be done on the water and others onshore. The most extraordinary and unusual solutions bring the most points.

We are currently the only company that offers treasure hunts by canoe in Berlin. Similar to the ‘regular’ treasure hunts on foot,  we divide the group into smaller teams. The canoeing teams are always accompanied by one of our guides for safety reasons..

Berlin city centre is closed to canoes during the daytime. Beyond Oberbaumbrücke canoeing is allowed. Therefore, our CLASSIC treasure hunt by canoe starts in front of Insel der Jugend in Treptow and ends at Urbanhafen in Kreuzberg. You can choose between various restaurants for your finishing point there. Other start and finish points are possible for specially tailor-made treasure hunts.


• CLASSIC treasure hunt:  starting point in front of Insel der Jugend in Berlin-Treptow and finishing at Urbanhafen (or vice versa)
• tailor-made treasure hunt: you can choose between many start and finish points

Time needed

• flexible, adapted to fit your needs
• usually 4 hours